For most organizations, the measurement of an average workday spans eight hours, whether that be in a traditional office setting or a hybrid environment. Numerous factors influence productivity... Continue reading

In today’s fast-changing world of corporate travel, both travellers and travel managers face new demands to keep up and meet the needs of the business. One possible solution to this challenge—which... Continue reading

Efforts to prioritize sustainability have continued to grow as a focus for most businesses, particularly as it relates to employee travel and reducing carbon emissions. However, while many... Continue reading

For small to mid-sized companies that have struggled with implementing consistent travel policies and processes, the continually shifting post-COVID landscape has further shown the importance of... Continue reading

The last holdouts from the era of pandemic-related border restrictions may have lifted, but preparing for international travel remains more important than ever. Inconvenient travel delays and... Continue reading

Although the continued growth of remote work and digital tools has made conducting business more efficient and accessible than ever, in-person meetings remain one of the major building blocks in... Continue reading

In today's world of business travel, companies are doing more with less. This post-pandemic shift has raised the bar for expedited bookings, stronger compliance, simplified processes, and tools that... Continue reading

Flight cancellations are an unavoidable and unpredictable part of business travel. A cancelled or delayed flight can disrupt schedules, derail important meetings, and serve as a source of traveller... Continue reading

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