The phrase “post-pandemic” has begun to pop up in news articles and everyday conversations, but even with international borders starting to reopen, the ongoing effects of COVID-19 remain a concern... Continue reading

After months of speculating if and when travel will return to pre-pandemic levels, the latest stats from TSA show a surging trend of travellers ready and eager to return to the road. Continue reading

For international business travellers, a long period of stops and starts is finally ending as new momentum builds around reopened borders and loosened restrictions for vaccinated travellers. But what... Continue reading

After more than a year of stringent restrictions limiting international travel, dozens of borders around the world will reopen to travellers this summer. Some countries have already started the... Continue reading

Travel is back, and the question now weighing on the minds of travel managers and business leaders everywhere is: How will it be different? Continue reading

As the pace of vaccinations accelerate and destinations reopen, more and more businesses are returning to travel. Your organization may be ready to resume travel to reach key clients and markets, but... Continue reading

The process for how we travel has changed as a result of COVID-19, but our modes and methods for getting around remain largely the same: planes, automobiles, and transportation systems reliant on... Continue reading

Experts have long cited vaccines as the key to travel resuming. This prediction has since proven correct as travel rebounds to levels not seen since pre-pandemic. For international travel to follow... Continue reading

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