When was the last time you traveled on an airplane for work? Continue reading

The COVID-19 pandemic may have grounded business travel at a time of rapid growth, but it has presented the opportunity to hit the reset button and rebuild your travel program using a more effective... Continue reading

With COVID-19 cases leveling off or declining in many countries, some domestic and international travel restrictions have started to adjust in response. While this is a positive trend for business... Continue reading

It’s the annual convention you look forward to attending every year, but this time, the event destination is wherever you plug in your computer. Continue reading

What measures are your travellers taking to protect themselves on the road? Continue reading

Today’s business travellers share a common mindset: travel before coronavirus and travel after the pandemic hit. If your corporate travel program has a travel policy that still operates under the... Continue reading

As the world of corporate travel continues to adapt to a new model of business shaped by COVID-19, the principles of Duty of Care have remained consistent: Companies still have a legal need to limit... Continue reading

What will your corporate travel program look like when the COVID-19 pandemic has ended? From implementing trip approval to weighing the benefits of safety over savings, attempting to predict the... Continue reading

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