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The return of corporate travel has brought about critical implications for businesses related to traveller experience, risk management, and program improvements. Most recently, rising costs and... Continue reading

A progressive and more conscious world outlook has brought about a major movement towards “going green.” Both businesses and the travel industry alike have become more educated about the effects of... Continue reading

Travel has increased substantially in 2022 as employees return to the road and airways. Business travel is bouncing back to pre-pandemic levels, which has companies re-evaluating the impact of... Continue reading

After an initial stall to travel recovery the first quarter of the year, growing traveller confidence and changes to COVID-19 restrictions have reshaped the travel forecast ahead. As the world... Continue reading

From efficient technology and communication tools to traveller experience and ensuring compliance, a Travel Management Company (TMC) plays an important role in keeping your travel program running... Continue reading

Corporate travel goals have shifted significantly for most businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. For individuals tasked with managing travel, a common thread tying many of these shifts... Continue reading

Take the word “business” out of “business travel” and what’s left? Travel. Continue reading

Ask any travel manager about their confidence level in predicting and planning travel throughout the pandemic and you will hear stories of the stops and starts that have plagued business the past two... Continue reading

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